The Irish Health Trade Association

The IHTA represents the interests of manufacturers, importers, and distributors of specialist health products in Ireland. These include vitamin and mineral supplements, herbal preparations, homeopathic products, flower remedies, natural body care products and health foods. These products are typically stocked in health/health food stores and pharmacies nationwide. The principal aim of the Irish Health Trade Association is to promote the wellness of all people in Ireland and to ensure they have freedom to access traditional medicines and natural health products of their choice that are safe, efficacious and of high quality.

The big VAT challenge ahead…

Phil Costigan, General Secretary of the Irish Health Trade Association (IHTA), gives the lowdown on issues around VAT.

Here at the IHTA, we have been vigilant and active in relation to the rise of VAT changes, which resulted in a broad range of food supplements having standard VAT (23 per cent) imposed where previously zero rating applied. For readers supplying food supplements to the Irish market, it would be prudent to be familiar with these developments.

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An Effective Voice

  • The IHTA provides an effective voice for the industry, representing members’ interests at policy level and establishing cooperative and consultative links with regulators, including the Health Products Regulatory Authority (HPRA) and the Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI).
  • To build and nurture close relationships with other relevant partners/institutions in and outside Ireland e.g. DoHC, FSAI, IMB, IAHS, IPU, the European Commission, the European Parliament, HFMA, EHPM, IADSA, ECHAMP, ECH, ESCOP, etc
  • To be regularly consulted in draft decisions made by, for example, the DoHC, the FSAI, and the IMB, which relate to matters affecting our sector and sub-sectors.
  • To provide our members with information, advice and other ‘value added’ services.


There has never been a more important time to protect and promote your interests, and those of the industry.

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